“Ria Formosa” Restaurant | June 13 – 19:30

Portuguese cuisine is famous the world over. The roots of this tradition stem from the country’s history: during the XV and XVI centuries, Portuguese sailors discovered and mapped many lands in Africa, America and Asia, in a period would latter become known as the “Age of Discovery”. In the course of these journeys, the Portuguese brought home many flavours, ingredients, and recipes from some of the most exotic places on Earth. This had a profound effect, lasting until our days, on the way we look at food and cooking, not just in Portugal but in many countries of all continents.

Faro is the capital of Algarve, Portugal’s southernmost region. What you will experience here is a rich food tradition distilled over several hundred years, with a strong national identity, further enriched by notes from all continents which tell of the country’s history. The “Ria Formosa” Restaurant is one of the best in the city, and you will not be disappointed.

The “secret” of the “Ria Formosa” Restaurant lies in the constant focus on the quality and freshness of the best national, regional and seasonal ingredients, strict selection criteria of suppliers, and staff led by a team of dynamic chefs who constantly challenge themselves. The success of a fine dining experience like this depends on never disappointing customers in their expectations and maintaining the ability to surprise their discerning palates. It is here that “art” and creativity join with technique and open new horizons of flavours that create unusual bridges.

We are working hard to make the Conference Dinner at the “Ria Formosa” Restaurant on June 13th a memorable experience. Right in the heart of Faro and with a stunning view over the Ria Formosa, it’s bound to make for a promising evening.

The “Ria Formosa” is located on the rooftop of Hotel Faro, at Praça D. Francisco Gomes, nº 2, 8000-168 Faro. It is a 25-minute walk from the conference venue, but public transportation (bus) is also available. Please check the registration desk for detailed instructions.