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Poster Session Papers

This page lists the papers accepted as posters for ICCS with registered authors

W26a: Poster Session
Front Hall, First Floor
Mon, 25 May 2009
15:55 - 17:30
  1. Chemical Kinetics on Multi-core SIMD Architectures
    Author(s): J.C. Linford, A. Sandu
    Presenter: J.C. Linford, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
  2. Highly infrared reflective nickel doped ZrO2 from first principles simulation
    Author(s): S. Yang, S.M. Guo, G. Zhao, E. Khosravi
    Presenter: S. Yang, Southern University and A & M College
  3. First Step in Multiscale Simulations of the Ionic Conductors: DFT Study of Oxygen Vacancy Migration Combined with Experimental Characterization of BSFC
    Author(s): S. Gangopadhyay, T. Inerbaev, A.E. Masunov, D. Altilio, N. Orlovskaya, J. Mesit, R. Guha, A. Sleiti, J. Kapat
    Presenter: S. Gangopadhayay, Nanoscience Technology Center, University of Central Florida
  4. Density Functional Theory Study of Photodegradation and Fatigue-Resistance of Photochromic Materials for Optical Switching and Data Storage Applications
    Author(s): P.D. Patel, I.A. Mikhailov
    Presenter: A.E. Masunov, University of Central Florida
  5. Prediction of Thermal Stability of Photochromic Materials Used for Optical Switching and Data Storage Applications
    Author(s): A.E. Masunov
    Presenter: A.E. Masunov, University of Central Florida
  6. Highly Parallel Solver for Multi-scale Parquet Quantum Modeling of Strongly Correlated Materials
    Author(s): E.F. D'Azevedo, S. Yang, H. Fotso, M. Jarrell, J. Liu, T. Maier, C. Sen, K. Tomko
    Presenter: E.F. D'Azevedo, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
  7. Comparison of Models for Wind Speed Forecasting
    Author(s): J.C. Palomares, J.J. G. de la Rosa, J.G. Ramiro, A. AgŁera
    Presenter: J.C. Palomares, University of Cadiz
  8. Astroinformatics: A Data-Oriented Approach to Astronomy
    Author(s): K.D. Borne
    Presenter: K.D. Borne, George Mason University
  9. Use of the Cactus Framework for Multi-block CFD Applications
    Author(s): S.-H. Ko, P. Kalghatgi, S. Acharya, G. Allen, S. Jha, E. Schnetter, M. Tyagi
    Presenter: S.-H. Ko, Center for Computation and Technology, LSU
  10. Automatic Code Generation and Distributed Visualization for Solving Large Scale Scientific Problems
    Author(s): J. Tao, E. Schnetter, G. Allen, A. Hutanu, E. Bentivegna, J. Ge, P. Diener, C. Toole, R. Paruchuri, W. Benger, K. Liu, R. Kooima, O. Korobkin, A. Yates
    Presenter: J. Tao, Louisiana State University
  11. A Coupling Strategy between CFD and MD Codes for Hybrid Simulations
    Author(s): N. Kim, S. Ko, K. Hesary, D. Nikitopoulos, S. Jha, D. Moldovan
    Presenter: N. Kim, Center for Computation and Technology, LSU
  12. Run-time Visualization with the Cactus framework and VisIt's Simulation Library
    Author(s): E.B. Bentivegna, O. Korobkin, T. Radke, E. Schnetter
    Presenter: E. Bentivegna, Center for Computation and Technology at LSU
  13. A Simulated Hurricane Database for New Modes of Analysis and Prediction
    Author(s): R.S.H. Bhagawaty
    Presenter: R.S.H. Bhagawaty, Graduate student at the Center for Computation and Technology at LSU


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