ExCALIBUR Workshop on Exascale Computing

1 July 2024 – University of Málaga, Spain

Join the ExCALIBUR Workshop for a one-day deep dive into how exascale computing is revolutionising scientific research across a range of disciplines. With presentations and panel discussions by leading experts covering a wide range of topics, this event is ideal for researchers, scientists, and anyone interested in the future of computational modelling. 


  • Cutting-edge exascale insights: Gain insight into how researchers are harnessing exascale power to build high-fidelity, multi-scale models of complex systems using exascale computing power.
  • Real-world applications: Discover how exascale computing is accelerating drug discovery, transforming agent-based models, and enabling groundbreaking research in areas like quantum-classical computing and particle simulations.
  • Uncertainty quantification: Delve into the challenges and solutions for robust and efficient uncertainty quantification in exascale simulations.
  • Interactive panel discussions: Join interactive panel discussions where experts will unpack the complexities of uncertainty quantification and heterogeneous computing.
  • Welcome Event/Reception: Join us for welcome drinks to kick off ICCS 2024.

Who Should Attend

  • Researchers from any discipline who are curious about the potential of exascale computing.
  • Scientists interested in applying exascale techniques to their own research.
  • Anyone keen to understand uncertainty quantification in scientific modelling and simulation.

Flexible Attendance

All ICCS attendees are welcome! 

  • Participate in the full day or just the topics that interest you.
  • Join the final discussion and networking reception at your convenience.

Registration Fee

Registration is free for ICCS attendees and those attending online.
Registration is €70 for non-ICCS participants. 
Registration can be covered for ExCALIBUR attendees who register before the event. 


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Learn More

Visit the ExCALIBUR website and learn more about ExCALIBUR and this event:

Questions / Support

For questions about the ExCALIBUR workshop: laura.harbach@brunel.ac.uk

For questions about ICCS: iccs@computationalscience.nl

We look forward to seeing you on the 1st of July!