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ICCS 2010: "Celebrating 10 years of Advancing Computational Thinking"

Computational Science
University of Amsterdam
The Netherlands
May 31 - June 2, 2010

In 2010 ICCS celebrated its 10th anniversary in Amsterdam.
For this great event we had six world leading keynote speakers give their vision on Computational Science now and in the future.

The proceedings of this highly successful meeting are now available on-line

We wish to thank everybody that has contributed to the success of ICCS 2010. Authors, speakers, workshop organisers, reviewers and many, many more!

The International Conference on Computational Science 2010 (ICCS 2010) aims to bring together researchers and scientists from mathematics and computer science as basic computing disciplines, researchers from various application areas who are pioneering advanced application of computational methods to sciences such as physics, chemistry, life sciences, and engineering, arts and humanitarian fields, along with software developers and vendors, to discuss problems and solutions in the area, to identify new issues, and to shape future directions for research, as well as to help industrial users apply various advanced computational techniques.

Besides our excellent keynote speakers, out of the submitted papers to main track and workshops, we will select some 30% high-quality papers for presentation at the conference and publication in the proceedings, published by Elsevier in their new Procedia Computer Science series.

ICCS 2010 is the tenth in the series of highly successful conferences; for the previous nine very successful meetings see:

Since its beginnings in 2001, ICCS has attracted increasingly higher quality and numbers of attendees and papers. Average attendance each year is about 400 participants. The proceedings series have become a major intellectual resource for computational science researchers and serve to both define and advance the state of the field.

The theme for ICCS 2010 in Amsterdam is "Advancing Computational Thinking", to mark several decades of progress in computational science theory and practice, leading to greatly improved applications in science. This conference will be a unique event focusing on recent developments in methods and modelling of complex systems for diverse areas of science, scalable scientific algorithms, advanced software tools, computational grids, advanced numerical methods, and novel application areas where the above novel models, algorithms and tools can be efficiently applied such as physical systems, computational and systems biology, environmental systems, finance, and others.

ICCS is an ERA 2010 A-ranked conference series.

We look forward to welcoming you to this exciting event!


ICCS 2010 is organised by

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