Each year we have three best paper awards at the conference, one for the main track, one for best Poster paper and one best workshop paper selected from all workshop papers. The best papers are all sponsored by Elsevier. The best paper awards for ICCS 2016 are:

Best Main Track Paper

Yunsong Wang, Emeric Brun, Fausto Malvagi, Christophe Calvin

Competing Energy Lookup Algorithms in Monte Carlo Neutron Transport Calculations and Their Optimization on CPU and Intel MIC Architectures

Best Workshop Paper

Maciej Balajewicz, Jari Toivanen

Reduced Order Models for Pricing American Options under Stochastic Volatility and Jump-Diffusion Models

Best Poster Paper

Bharathkumar Ramachandra, Krishna Karthik Gadiraju, Ranga Raju Vatsavai, Dale P. Kaiser, Thomas P. Karnowski

Detecting Extreme Events in Historical Global Gridded Climatological Data