ICCS 2007, Graduate University of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China

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Call for Workshop Proposals

<< Submission is now closed >>

We invite proposals for workshops. Workshops are intended to provide a forum for the discussion of a specific topic from the field of Computational Science between an international group of researchers.  Each workshop should have at least 8 paper presentations. The workshop organiser will be responsible for advertising the workshop, reviewing and selecting the papers. Financial assistance for the workshop organiser will be limited to one fee waiver for the conference. Papers accepted for Workshops will be published in the ICCS 2007 Proceedings. After the Conference some papers presented at the Workshops will be considered for publication in appropriate journals as Special Issues with the Workshop organiser as the Guest Editor of the journal.

Proposals to organise workshops should include the following information:

  • title of the workshop
    • Workshops on any aspect of Computational Science may be proposed.
    • Of special interest are topics that are just emerging e.g. new application areas (Finance/Economics, Risk Analysis, Computational Biology), and new algorithmic approaches to traditional application areas.
  • name, affiliation, mailing address and e-mail address of the proposer(s)
  • names of at least three PC members for the workshops
  • a description of the topic of the session (not exceeding 100 words) plus a short description on how the session will be advertised so as to ensure a sufficiently wide range of authors
  • a description of how the workshop will contribute to the field of Computational Science
  • a brief introduction of the proposer, explaining his/her qualifications
Please submit your proposal through our conference engine.

We will have two "acceptance rounds" for workshop proposals: September 8 and November 8

Papers for workshops should be submitted directly to the Workshop using our paper submission system. Deadlines for workshop papers will in principle be the same as for main-track papers. The Workshop organiser will be required to use the ICCS paper submission engine and to review the papers on basis of the same criteria as those in the main track. The list of papers accepted for a workshop should be sent to the Workshops Chair before January 24, 2007.
The final acceptance of a workshop will be based on the quality of these papers, the coherence of the workshop and degree to which a broad audience is addressed.