ICCS 2007, Graduate University of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China

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Local arrangements committee

ChairWeixuan Xu
Co-chair of eventsYong Shi
Co-chair of publicityBenfu Lu
SecretaryHongjin Yang
MemberJianping Li
MemberYing Liu
MemberJing He
MemberSiliang Chen
MemberGuanxiong Jiang
MemberNan Xiao
MemberZujin Deng

ICCS 2007 : Tours

For many of the delegates at the conference, it will be a unique opportunity to see a part of China. For that reason, the local organisation has made an effort to organise a number of tours. Some half-day and full-day tours during the conference, and two longer tours after the conference. More information on these tours can be found in this document.

To register for a tour use this form.