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ICCS 2011 Frequently asked questions

We express our deepest sympathy with the people in Japan that were stricken by the catastrophic earthquake of March 11 and its aftermath.
(March 24, 2011)
Due to the continuing uncertainty about the situation in Japan, the conference will now be held on the beautiful campus of Singapore's Nanyang Technological University.
The conference dates will still be June 1 - June 3.

The meeting will take place in the Nanyang Executive Centre
Information about hotels will follow soon.

Q1) Are the ICCS 2011 proceedings indexed by ... ?
A1) On this Elsevier writes:
Procedia Computer Sciences is hosted on www.Elsevier.com and on our content platform ScienceDirect (www.sciencedirect), and will be freely available worldwide. All papers in Procedia will also be indexed by Scopus (www.scopus.com) and Engineering Village (Ei) www.engineeringvillage.com. This includes EI Compendex. The papers will contain linked references, XML versions and citable DOI numbers. You will be able to provide a hyperlink to all delegates and direct your conference website visitors to your proceedings.  
Once we publish 4 issues (of Procedia Computer Sciences)  in one calendar year we can apply to Thomson ISI for an Impact Factor for proceedings. This will however take some time.

Q2) Can I have more than 10 pages? Can I buy extra pages?
A2) No, you cannot. The page count includes everything, affiliations, e-mail addresses, acknowledgements, references, figures and figure captions. 

Q3) Must I really complete all the information on my paper on the upload page?
A3) Yes, please do, and make sure it is correct and complete. This information will also be used directly in creating the Author list for the proceedings and the information on the conference schedule.

Q4) What is my paper id?
A4) It is the number that follows the "id=" at the end of you upload url

Q5) How should I submit a revised paper?
A5) Please upload it to your paper's "personal" url in the paper submission system.
Upload both a pdf (or ps) version and the sources (MS Word or Latex). Be sure to include all figures and styles if you use latex, preferably in a single zip or tgz file.
Preferably, use easily identifiable file names. Avoid non-ascii and non-printing characters. Keep names reasonably short.
Do not e-mail papers to your workshop organiser or to the conference organisation.
For more extensive instructions see CRC.html

Q6) What should I do with my original submission when I upload the revised paper?
A6) Please, delete that so that we can easily decide what files to send to Elsevier.

Q7) I want two submit more than one paper to ICCS - how should I do it?
A7) For each paper go to our paper submission page and create an upload url for the appropriate workshop. Never submit two separate papers to one upload url.

Q8) I have two or more papers in ICCS - should I register separately for each paper?
A8) Yes, you should, but a reduced rate applies for additional papers (see the conferences rates and registration page)

Q9) I am a student - do I get a reduced rate?
A9) We do have a student rate. (see the conferences rates and registration page).

Q10) How about visa?
A10) Generally, foreigners do not need visas for entry to Singapore. Tourists visiting Singapore may be given up to 30-day social visit passes upon their arrival in Singapore.

For more information on visa requirements, click here. To find out more about the types of visas and to download the necessary application forms, click here.

For those who require a letter of invitation for the Visa application, please register with the conference first and then fill in the request form and send it to Ms. Joo-Sing Tan
See the registration page, near the bottom of the page.

Q11) Where do I find the copyright form and the Procedia formatting instructions?
A11) Please see here for the copyright form and here for formatting instructions.
Note that you only need to submit the copyright form after the paper has been accepted for the conference

Q12) Must all authors sign the copyright transfer form?
A12) No, it is assumed that one author can sign for all.

Q13) Where should I send my copyright form?
A13) We prefer a scanned copy. I.e. fill out the form, print it, sign it and scan it.
Use pdf, gif or jpg format for scanned image, make sure it is legible
Upload it to the same page as your paper - but as a separate file named "Copyrightpaper-id.ext".
The slots "source" and "pdf" actually accept any type of file - the names are more reminders to upload both

Q15) What are the most common problems with the paper format?
A15) The things that should be checked are:
  1. The paper itself:
    • The paper must be camera-ready and formatted according to the rules of Procedia Computer Science (for formatting information see for text/latex and for MSword. Click here for a Latex template plus instructions and click here for an MS word template file).
    • Make sure that the Elsevier, Science Direct and Procedia header/logo is included.
    • Are both sources and printable version available?
    • Is the length of the printable version OK? (≤ ten pages)
    • Is the layout OK, are the figures legible, can you open the file without getting messages about missing fonts?
    • Does it conform to the Procedia format (printing area not larger than 165 mm 219 mm; watch for figures, table boundaries etc)
    • Line spacing, font sizes etc. not reduced to make everything fit.
  2. Meta data (on url):
    • Are all authors listed and in the correct order?
    • Is the abstract identical to the one in the paper?
    • Is the presenter correct?
    NB. This information is used in preparing the proceedings and the program.
    When you make changes, these will appear immediately in the on-line program.

Papers should be based on unpublished, original work and must be submitted to ICCS only.

Q16) When will the conference program  start and end?
A16) The scientific program of ICCS 2011 will start on Wednesday June 1 and will end on Friday June 3, 2011. This should help you in planning your travel.

Q17) How much time do I have for my presentation?
A17) Normally you have 20 minutes (including questions) for a full oral presentation. If there are fewer than 5 papers in a session, the chair may allow some more time.
For a short presentation, you have 10 minutes total.

Q18) Are there any format requirements for presentations?
A18) Please use power point or pdf slide formats. We do not have required templates or so. Otherwise, please follow the usual guidelines.
We do not have facilities for multiple screen presentations, video tapes etc.

Q19) What are the requirements for posters?
A19) The maximum size is A0 paper format (portrait).


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