ICCS 2008, Krakow, Poland

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Conference Venue and Accomodation

Qubus Hotel Kraków
ul. Nadwislanska 6
30-527 Kraków
phone: (+48) 12 374 5100

The Qubus hotel

The venue of ICCS 2008 is the Qubus hotel in Krakow, Poland.

I. Booking a room at the Qubus hotel

We have booked 120 rooms in the Qubus hotel with a reduced room rate of €120 (single) and €130 (double) per night including breakfast.
Participants should make their own lodging arrangements with the hotel.
In order to make a room reservation with the Qubus hotel at the preferential rates, you should:
  1. Register to the ICCS2008 conference stating on the registration form that you are going to book a room at the Qubus hotel
    (Registration will open at the end of February 2008)
  2. Wait for the e-mail from the ICCS2008 Secretariat with a special "Qubus reservation code"
  3. Send to the Qubus hotel: your booking request stating clearly: your arrival and departure dates and the "Qubus reservation code" received from the ICCS2008 Secretariat
  4. The reservation is committed when confirmed by the Qubus Hotel Krakow.

You will pay for the stay in the Qubus hotel at the hotel upon your departure.
As stated, number of rooms at the Qubus hotel is limited, so book your hotel room ASAP.

II. Lodging in other hotels in Krakow

To find a hotel room in Krakow you can also use one of the following websites:

We advise to book hotel rooms ASAP, as in June there are a lot of events in Krakow which attract enormous number of tourists so finding a good and cheap hotel room later than in March may be very difficult.

You can use this map to locate the Qubus hotel - the ICCS2008 venue.

The list of HOSTELS in Krakow


ICCS 2008 is organised by

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