ICCS 2008, Krakow, Poland

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ICCS 2008: Keynote abstract – Maciej Zachara

Functional Requirements for Clusters for Grids

Maciej Zachara
Qumak-Sekom S.A., Poland

ACK Cyfronet is one of the institutions, which takes part in the EGEE project. EGEE (Enabling Grids for E-sciencE) brings together experts from over 27 countries with the common aim of building on recent advances in Grid technology and developing a service Grid infrastructure which is available to scientists 24 hours-a-day. Cyfronet provides computing power and storage resources for its need. One year ago Cyfronet’s infrastructure was expanded by an IBM BladeCenter cluster, containing 392 CPU cores and 784GB of RAM with extremely fast, 10GbE interconnections between most important nodes. This machine provides computing power for the need of Grid and also is responsible for serving data pools (about 70TB) for the rest of the cluster. Authors will try to outline the needs for such hardware from the Grid point of view, but also will concern Cyfronet’s local conditions and needs – like low power consumption or heat emission.


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