ICCS 2008, Krakow, Poland

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ICCS 2008: Technology track abstract – Qumak-Sekom / IBM

  • Main Challenges during Implementation
    Wojciech Zurek, Wojciech Fritz, Qumak-Sekom

    Abstract: Theory and practice should be as one, but this never happens in real life. There are always some specific issues and topics to be managed that depend on the unique architecture and requirements of the customer. What main challenges we were faced and how we finally managed them - this is the key topic of our presentation.

  • Results and Observations of the Solution after Several Months of Operations
    Marek Magrys, Andrzej Ozieblo, ACC Cyfronet AGH

    Abstract: IBM BladeCenter was deployed in ACK Cyfronet one year ago. There are several observations that we'd like to present while this talk, we'll try to show that the choice of this particular solution was a good decision and brings profits not only to the community of the Grid, but also helps our system administrators and technical staff to maintain the infrastructure easily and efficiently.

  • AGH Cyfronet Blade Center Architecture
    Maciej Remiszewski, IBM

  • How Innovation Today Enables Breakthroughs in Science
    Maciej Remiszewski, IBM

    Abstract: New challenges call for new measures. Take a look at how emerging technologies find novel applications enabling scientists to know faster, look further and think stronger. Key trends and developments in this area in relation to some of the most challenging and interesting projects will be discussed by Maciej Remiszewski from the IBM Deep Computing Technical Team Europe.

  • How Innovation Tomorrow will Change the Word as we Know it
    Piotr Pietrzak, IBM

    Abstract: What's cooking in the IBM Research Labs? Take a look at how bright ideas are turned into technologies of the future. Examples of research projects unlocking new application and solution areas will be presented by Piotr Pietrzak, Chief Technologist IBM Poland.


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