Douglas Kothe Delivering Mission Critical Computational and Data Science Applications for U.S. Department of Energy via the Exascale Computing Project
Douglas Kothe - Exascale Computing Project, USA
Session chair: Jack Dongarra

Abstract : The Exascale Computing Project (ECP), launched in 2016 by the US Department of Energy (DOE), is an aggressive research, development, and deployment project focused on delivery of mission critical applications, an integrated software stack, and exascale hardware technology advances. These products are being deployed to DOE high performance computing (HPC) facilities on pre-exascale and ultimately exascale computers, where they will address critical challenges in national security, energy assurance, economic competitiveness, healthcare, and scientific discovery. Illustrative examples will be given on how the ECP teams are delivering in its three areas of technical focus: (i) Applications: Exascale-capable applications are a foundational element of the ECP and are the delivery vehicle for solutions and insights to key national challenges and emerging technical areas such as machine learning and artificial intelligence. Problems heretofore intractable are accessible with ECP applications.; (ii) Software Technologies: Software technologies play an essential enabling role as the underlying technology to application integration and efficacy on computing systems. An expanded and vertically integrated software stack is being developed to include advanced mathematical libraries and frameworks, extreme-scale programming environments, tools, and visualization libraries.; (iii) Hardware and Integration: ECP is focused on integration of applications, software, and hardware innovations to ensure a capable exascale computing ecosystem. Working closely with the DOE HPC facilities, the project supports US HPC vendor research and development of innovative architectures for competitive exascale system designs.