Teresa Galvão Modelling Intelligent Urban Mobility: The Data and Knowledge at the Service of Citizens
Teresa Galvão - University of Porto / INESC TEC, Portugal
Session chair: Valeria Krzhizhanovskaya

Abstract : Cities are growing fast, and mobility plays a crucial role in people’s lives. Urban mobility is a multidisciplinary field involving architects, urban planners, engineers, computer scientists and, more recently, data scientists. New mobility services are rising, most of them supported by advanced information and communication technologies, internet, sensors, IoT, and mobile devices. All these devices and technologies generate vast volumes of data. In the last years, in many cities around the world, the transformation of these data into meaningful knowledge in order to improve the relationship between the citizens and the city is becoming an exciting and engaging challenge. Operational Planning Systems, Transit Management Systems, Automatic Fare Collection Systems, and Mobile Ticketing Systems are a few examples of data providers. Computer science explores the data collected from these systems in several areas: (i) optimizing the resources allocated to urban mobility services, (ii) improving the reliability and robustness of these services (iii) adapting the transport services to the citizens’ mobility profiles; (iv) providing innovative ticketing services and (v) calculating and visualizing performance indicators. In this talk, the main challenges and difficulties will be presented and discussed with the aid of real-world examples.