Paradigms for Control in Social Systems (PCSS) Session 3

Time and Date: 16:40 - 18:20 on 1st June 2015

Room: M209

Chair: Justin Ruths

748 A Role for Network Science in Social Norms Intervention [abstract]
Abstract: Social norms theory has provided a foundation for public health interventions on critical issues such as alcohol and substance use, sexual violence, and risky sexual behavior. We assert that modern social norms interventions can be better informed with the use of network science methods. Social norms can be seen as a complex contagion on a social network, and the propagation of social norms as an information diffusion process. We observe instances where the recommendations of social norms theory match up to theoretical predictions from information diffusion models, but also places where the network science viewpoint highlights aspects of intervention design not addressed by the existing theory. Information about network structure and dynamics are often not used in existing social norms interventions; we argue that these factors may be contributing to the lack of efficacy of social norms interventions delivered via online social networks. Network models of intervention also offer opportunities for better evaluation and comparison across application domains.
Clayton Davis, Julia Heiman, Filippo Menczer
750 Ali's Invited Talk [abstract]
Abstract: TBD
Ali Jadbabaie
756 Closing and Wrap-up [abstract]
Abstract: TBD
Justin Ruths