Large Scale Computationl Physics (LSCP) Session 1

Time and Date: 11:00 - 12:40 on 11th June 2014

Room: Mossman

Chair: Fukuko YUASA

404 Development of lattice QCD simulation code set ``Bridge++'' on accelerators [abstract]
Abstract: We are developing a new code set ``Bridge++'' for lattice QCD (Quantum Chromodynamics) simulations. It aims at an extensible, readable, and portable workbench, while achieving high performance. Bridge++ covers popular lattice actions and numerical algorithms. The code set is constructed in C++ with an object oriented programming. In this paper, we describe our code design focusing on the use of accelerators such as GPGPUs. For portability our implementation employs OpenCL to control the devices while encapsulates the details of manipulation by providing generalized interfaces. The code is successfully applied to several recent accelerators.
Shinji Motoki, Shinya Aoki, Tatsumi Aoyama, Kazuyuki Kanaya, Hideo Matsufuru, Yusuke Namekawa, Hidekatsu Nemura, Yusuke Taniguchi, Satoru Ueda, Naoya Ukita
406 GPGPU Application to the Computation of Hamiltonian Matrix Elements between Non-orthogonal Slater Determinants in the Monte Carlo Shell Model [abstract]
Abstract: We apply the computation with a GPU accelerator to calculate Hamiltonian matrix elements between non-orthogonal Slater determinants utilized in the Monte Carlo shell model. The bottleneck of this calculation is the two-body part in the computation of Hamiltonian matrix elements. We explain an efficient computational method to overcome this bottleneck. For General-Purpose computing on the GPU (GPGPU) of this method, we propose a computational procedure to avoid the unnecessary costs of data transfer into a GPU device and aim for efficient computation with the cuBLAS interface and the OpenACC directive. As a result, we achieve about 40 times better performance in FLOPS as compared with a single-threaded process of CPU for the two-body part in the computation of Hamiltonian matrix elements.
Tomoaki Togashi, Noritaka Shimizu, Yutaka Utsuno, Takashi Abe, Takaharu Otsuka