Andrew Lonie Genomics on the Cloud Andrew Lonie, VLSCI

Abstract:The Australian Genomics Virtual Laboratory (GVL is a national program aiming to provide the research community with an accessible, scalable genomics analysis platform on national compute infrastructure. The GVL leverages a significant investment in cloud infrastructure by the Australian government and existing cloud management tools to enable researchers to create on-demand genomics analyses environments based on the open source Galaxy workflow platform, linked through high speed networks to very large reliable data storage, and local instances of visualisation engines like the UCSC browser. This talk will discuss the technical and practical lessons learned during the development of the Genomics Virtual Lab, including considerations in defining and implementing a one-size-fits-all pre-configured genomics workbench, the constraints a cloud environment places on practical ‘real data' genomics, identification of and interaction with the user base, and deliberations on the future of the Genomics Virtual Laboratory including architecting for the entire genomics analysis life cycle on the cloud.