ICCS 2013, Barcelona, Spain

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ICCS 2013 keynote lecture

Dr. Thierry van der Pyl, DG CONNECT, European Commission

The European HPC strategy for growth and jobs


Modern societies face a growing demand for improvements in the everyday life of citizens, while at the same time they are confronted with an increasing number of complex challenges and problems. In Europe, more and better quality jobs are needed, and the EU economy struggles to innovate and improve productivity. High Performance Computing (HPC) is a powerful tool to drive innovation in key scientific and industrial applications with a societal impact. The Commission has adopted a strategy for HPC combining three elements: (a) development of exascale technologies; (b) access to the best supercomputing facilities and services for both industry and academia; and (c) excellence in HPC applications, complemented with training, education and skills development in HPC. This strategy advocates for strengthening the demand of HPC use and services, and for the autonomous technological supply of HPC. This approach aims to help Europe to become a centre of innovation, supporting competitiveness and growth in key application areas for Europe, in the ICT industry and in the economy in general.

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