The 2002 International Conference on Computational Science

Invited Speakers

April 21, 2002
Tony Hey (University of Southampton, UK)
Title: e-Science, e-Business and the Grid    (Abstract: HTML)
April 22, 2002
Francine Berman (San Diego Supercomputing Center, USA)
Title: Computational Science on the Grid

Michiel Sprik (University of Cambridge, UK)
Title: Computational chemistry
April 23, 2002
Wolfgang Gentzsch (Sun Microsystems, USA)
Title: Grid Computing: An Evolutionary Strategy for Industry

Henk van der Vorst (Universiteit Utrecht, The Netherlands)
Title: Iterative Methods: a long history for fast convergence
April 24, 2002
Geoffrey Fox (Florida State University, USA)
Title: From peer-to-peer to community grids

Bob Hertzberger (Universiteit van Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
Title: The Virtual Laboratory on the Grid

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