Welcome to the ICCS 2013 paper submission system.

See the ICCS 2013 call for papers for topics of interest, format requirements etc.

By submitting your paper to ICCS 2013 you implicitly state that the paper is based on your own original research and that it was not and will not be submitted elsewhere.

Here you can create an entry for your paper in the conference. After supplying your name and e-mail address and specifying in which workshop you wish to create the entry, an e-mail will be sent to you containing the URI of your entry. From there you can upload your paper and modify its information. All fields with a * are required.
Remark: Initials must be single letters with a period after each letter, optionally seperated with a hypen, e.g.: "M.L.", "D." or "J.-P." (without quotes). Give only the initials of your given names, do not include that of your family name.

This information cannot be modified after the entry has been created.

Note that the name entered below will be the corresponding author for the paper. It does not have to be the name of the first author of the paper.
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If you have any questions about the submission system you can e-mail one of the webmasters: Dick van Albada.